1. Installation

Download the latest version of the BoostMachine accelerator from
and install it.

2. Choose your P2P Application

In order to accelerate your favorite P2P application, open the “Run P2P” drop-down list in the main window and choose the application for which you want to accelerate the downloads. Make sure that you have the application installed and it can be found in the list of BoostMachine supported applications.

Detailed Screenshot

3. Accelerate downloads

Simply click the “Run” button and the downloads of your prefered P2P application will switch to the “Accelerated” mode.

You can switch between the “Accelerated” mode and “Stopped” (normal)┬ámode by pressing the rectangular button in the main window.
4. Activation of the registered version

To take advantage of the full power of the accelerator we utterly recommend you to upgrade yout lite edition to the full edition for just $24,95.

We guarantee that you will love the improved performance of the full edition by getting better search results, connect to additional sources, faster downloads, and more.

When you start the application you can press the BUY button in the first popup window and, after you finish the purchase process, you’ll receive a registration code by email. Enter this code in the popup window, press the REGISTER button and your lite edition will be upgraded to full edition.

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